Welcome to Consortium


A group of blockchain altruistic people, willing to deliver our ideas to the community and the will to grow this project called CONSORCIO (CSM)

As we all know, the blockchain is a financial innovation that opens the doors to provide us with security, decentralization and speed, which provides a very different quality of service than usual.


What is the consortium?

The consortium is a virtual currency that will reach many users and merchants who are followers of blockchain technology, it also focuses on digital marketing, freelance, telemarketing and many more.
tasks and jobs we depend on online. . .

This project fits many active users of an associated network called Discord

The consortium is designed to work with small retailers and investors who want to be part of this decentralized open source project.

What does the consortium offer you?

It is a P2P coin
A peer-to-peer network, a peer network, a peer network or a peer network (P2P) is a computer network in which all or some aspects work without clients or fixed servers, but a series of nodes that behave as equals . To use your personal research, visit the following link wikipedia.org

It is not necessary to carry out operations through banks or third parties.
You can send anywhere in the world where this network is connected you just need a wallet and an internet connection