consortium for children

We are an organized community of entrepreneurs in this blockchain technology. and cryptoactive development
We know how to appreciate the opportunities offered by this service.
as we also know that such technology will revolutionize the world.
We do our best together with the community to contribute our grain of sand to these children.
and the 100% base to make your task possible
We are only spokesmen and multipliers of your site and your efforts.
for maintaining the life and smile of these children.
we act as a community
doing everything possible to provide the best at all times to these children who deserve so much from our society

contributions to the foundation

Our project is intended to help children with 21,000 consortium coins (CSM) from our presale
That will be at your disposal in no time.
This is equivalent to (7) master node

userconcept currencyquantity MONTH Txid:      status
TITANIUMdonationdoge coin1000DecemberTXreceived
WDCOINER donation dogecoin 1000 DecemberTXreceived
CHALLENGER donation dogecoin 998 December TX received
PEMA donation dogecoin 475 December TX received
loise donation dogecoin 603 December TX received
pac global charity donation pac100.000 December received
WDCOINER donation dogecoin 500 December TX received

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Godparents: the “Sponsor a child with cancer this Christmas” program consists of the recruitment of Godfathers and Godmothers nationwide that can help cover the cost of treatment of children and adolescents served by our Institution, as well as coordinate socio-recreational activities, share and details that the Godfather or Godmother wish to deliver to our patients.

The Best Gift we can receive in this Difficult Fight is a LIGHT OF HOPE. Become a Godfather of a child with cancer at Christmas.

You can sponsor as many children as you wish by depositing or transferring to our authorized account:

bank details in venezuela Current Account Provincial Bank No. 0108-0002-16-0100000580
On behalf of: Friends of the Child with Cancer Foundation
Rif: J-31193531-2
Tel: (0212) 577.47.23

You can also collaborate with your credit card of any Bank through the page on behalf of the Friends of the Child with Cancer Foundation

Give HOPE and draw a smile this Christmas!