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The consortium team

The consortium team formerly known as the Latino consortium on our old server still active and with a history of 2 years of work

Consorcio Latino We have always had and maintained the idea of ​​helping our entire community and providing the best possible pleasure through our affection and cordiality. that characterizes us And especially help children https://imgur.com/gBFF0aOImgurReconocimiento


This task has not been easy and we have been programming for some time how this help can be effective for them, but it requires much more effort and much more heart from those who can achieve great things for those who need our support, each of which It provides little grain. of sandTo this end, a cryptocurrency was founded with a year in the 100% functional market our first project called diners Created nonprofit diners will act as a charitable foundation in the future, you can follow us on our server https://discord.gg/b7Qc3K

Diners, Criptomoneda Hispana – Hispanic Cryptocurrency. In view of the fact that the original founders and other collaborators of the team paid everything related to technical maintenance and the active state housed in the market, we depleted our personal resources working on this project and will continue working to achieve this objective. we were forced into a new projectNow we bring this new project, which is called consortium with more vision and better technical preparation. And although many of the team are not developers, there are many friends dedicated to this work who support this idea. with a great ideal that is our community and how far we can get by unifying our forces This currency will play a good role within the holder community that will know the value and effort of all We take care of guiding the first steps of our users who request our help and part of our knowledge to learn from the blockchain system. We also reward all our users with different events as usual in the discord of airdrop, tipbob, trivia of gifts and any other idea that comes to mind to entertain our users and followers.Today we are in this new epata very important for us and for our entire community Since we want to provide the best of us for this great project designed for everyone We want our entire community to join the project and contribute their knowledge and enthusiasm to grow. The consortium has no owners is a decentralized currency and guided by the community.That’s why it is designed to generate a good ROI and everyone gets great rewards The consortium team is not responsible for your investment because all cryptocurrency is volatile, it is not recommended to invest if you are not sure or more than you should commit But if we are responsible for what we do and what we offer if there is the possibility of obtaining it We watch so that all objectives are achievedThe scheduled will be fulfilled. if we manage to carry out all the prescribed steps And communicated to our community through our networks and media We would like your support and value your effort. We thank those who follow us on our path to those we know and those who support us day by day. To all who join every day and to those who will come We will have a channel of suggestions where you can contribute your ideas in the community. It is vital for us that the community guide us with their comments and achieve the objectives